Management and programming

I'm a bit of a mix of those two things which can be interesting, maybe

Music Management

For a music manager the job is very specific, it is about the specific client's needs. That can differ from person to person. That could be very heavy media handling or it could be just planning and advice. The service from me is a bit different I want to offer things a lot of other managers can't. That service is technology, it is websites, apps, automatic social posts and the multitude of things we can do with analytics, put simply doing a lot of the heavy lifting without much work for you.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a manager I have the legal responsibility to always have the best interests of the artist. This is not just in dealing with money but also giving good advice. When you sign with me you get my honest opinions on the best way forward, you can choose your own strategy also but the opinions are always going to be from the right place. The advice is always specific to the artist but it will have one thing in common, it is my opinion on the best way forward for you.


Basic services like organisation of things, making sure people turn up, the heavy lifting for the artist

Social media

Along with management itself, keeping your fans up to date with messages that suit your audience


Giving you a place to give info for your audience, complicated or simple

Branding and Design

Unlike a lot of managers I have an on staff designer who can design branding, album art photography and develop a full strategy to give you the best marketing


When you start making some money, giving impartial advice, making sure you are getting the most out of whatever money you make