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Hi I make robots roll around and do stuff

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·Sep 10, 2021·

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Hi I make robots roll around and do stuff


After years and years I've decided to start blogging again. I had blog around 2009-2014 and I just ran out of things to talk about, kind of lost the knack for writing and put my head down into my work. For the moment let's talk about what I'm doing now, I'll probably delve into my old posts later and see how right or wrong I was. I decided hashnode seems like a decent option for me as I can backup my blog for later and it's fairly stripped back which I like.

About me

My current role is release manager/engineering manager specifically over devops, QA, sysadmin and support at a robotics company based in Ireland. A lot of responsibility in even just the release management side of things which I might delve into in a future post. Our service is robotic warehousing and automated workflows for various different applications. From manufacturing, to delivery, sorting things but to boil it all down to the simple parts is we deliver and sort items into a warehouse using robots.

Before I had some super interesting roles, I was involved in automotive software engineering, doing some bespoke prototype software. I worked for a major worldwide business/stock news company doing ETL software tools. And my first job was as an intern at Canonical, the main company behind Ubuntu.

Current tech stack

Just getting into what I like currently and what I'm using for my own projects. Python, Ubuntu server, Fastapi, MQTT, Websockets, Jinja and json-schema

At least that's all I can remember currently.


I plan on talking about a variety of topics but don't be intimidated by the robotics side of things. I'll go into more detail why most of it is easier than you think in later posts but the basic idea is like all software it's only difficult if you don't understand the use cases or your approach is wrong and both of these are just muscles you have to develop over time. Just the ability to understand what way your software is designed, why, what and where...etc. Understanding is a lot of the battle and I hope I'll give some insight into how software for cars and robots are developed.

Thanks for reading.

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