About Me

My journey of development and learning


I'm from a small village near Kildare town in Ireland. I grew up around music and technology, my father was always interested in new things so there was always something interesting to learn. I studied software engineering in Institute of Technology Carlow but I didn't like the course so I dropped out in third year. While I was studying I started contributing to Linux, I did a load of random contributions, learned a lot and made a load of friends along the way. A bit of time goes by and I learn about music management and I want to give that a shot so I studied music management in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. Was super fun and taught me a lot not just about music management but about business, marketing, management, PR, loads of things which I put in my back pocket for later. After music management I went on to study data analytics in National College of Ireland. That was interesting and gave me a load of cool ideas to bring to management and that might be why you are seeing this website.

About this site

This site is moderately interesting for people interested in technology. The site looks fairly simple but it has a lot of things which I use every day. It is built using Django, HTML and CSS for the most part and deployed on AWS. For my services they are built on the fly as needed. The deployment of the code is interesting, it uses Snappy which is a technology from Canonical the makers of Ubuntu. It is containerized and deployed automatically as changes are made. The builds are handled by Jenkins, it checks for git pushes regularly builds automatically and pushes the versions if there is anything new. It's completely hands off which is pretty cool from a technology standpoint.

List of technologies

  • Python
  • Django
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap4
  • JavaScript
  • jquery
  • postgresql
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Snappy
  • nginx
  • Jenkins


I don't have any cookie notice on my site. Here is the reason, there are technically two cookies, one is sessionID and the other is CSRF, one is just internal for django to serve you content properly the other is a token for protecting forms to make sure whoever sends something goes to the right place.
In terms of policy I don't track hits, I don't store any information. I believe that content should drive readership. If you content is good, if you offer a good service people will come back. I don't need to know what browser you are using or what you had for dinner.