Destiny and some more important things that can be done

Big note: Im not affiliated with anyone these are just opinions im not being a dick or trying to make money from traffic (there are no ads on this site) I just thought out the entire recent history of things going on Orb, Destiny and accusations about Eclipsia not paying their players (I don't have a clue about this just read the thing about the Dota2 team). So don't get annoyed they are just ideas and id love for comments and stuff from people what they think. The reason for this note is because I put this on reddit and linked it to Destiny and yet ive gotten 0 comments in 100 views and like 4 down votes on reddit without any actual discussion which is what I would love to have about this.

So the Destiny incident has brought up some issues with competitive gaming that need to be addressed. The Reddit post from Destiny is here.

So lets clear some things up first:
1. Im not going to judge the morality of what he did when you are a public figure of any sort you should be careful about what you say.
2. It seems pretty evident that the sponsor forced this outcome to happen because of pressure from fans emailing. It wasn't said directly but the wording of what Destiny said on reddit made it seemed like either Destiny had to leave or Quantic would lose its main sponsor.

Now onto the topic for discussion of what I believe is needed. So SC2 and eSports in general is in a funny spot if I do say so myself. Its rapidly expanding and is quickly getting a lot more attention than most people ever expected for something that seems insane. Like people watching computer games like a sport if you said that to anyone 10 years ago where im from a small housing estate in the middle of a village in south Kildare, Ireland back when I was like 13 years old people would have laughed you out of town. Funny note my RTS game back then was TA :-)

So now lets take stock where we are, we have professional players getting wages to play games (im not even going to try to guess how much but there are players on steady income), we have commentators to cast games, spectators and loads of events. So what are we missing and this is pure opinion but I think we are missing some sort of guidelines or governing body. Like every other organized sport has some sorts of regulations outlining sportsmanship, bans for cheating, transfer of players and fulfillment of contracts.

Why do I think all of those things are needed? What happened with Destiny if you believe it or not should have resulted in some sort of ban from competition for a bit going by precedence in other sports (Luis Suarez). Should we take it that serious I really don't know but this is the funny situation we are in, on one hand you could see the reason why a ban would be a good idea, it would say we as a community don't like that kind of language and we want to be really professional, then you think but are we that serious?

The other great benefits of doing something like FIFA or UEFA are what I outlined earlier bans for cheating, bans for organizations that break rules, bans for teams that don't pay their players and registration of players to a governing body to give rulings on stuff and deal with them properly. At the moment the entire eSports is in this weird stage where they are under the barrel of industry with no clear regulations rules or guidelines. Things like what happened with Destiny fall on sponsor's pressure on teams or simply the team's having their own internal policy to deal with it or just simply fall under the cracks.

How could a body like this be made? It would have to be an agreed upon association of teams so it would have to be all of the major teams (TL, EG, coL, Dignitas, Quanitc, Fnatic), large tournament organizers and maybe blizzard themselves to get it working properly and have enough leverage to enforce it. It could even span other games like LoL or HoN or Dota2...etc literally any competitive game. Anyway that's my thought on it I can only ramble and say what my idea is and see if people like it or they care :-)

I really want to do more posts like this so if you liked it or you have comments or feedback put it in the comments and hopefully we will get some talk about it.