Games im looking forward to on Linux this year

I played the original game which was called Total Annihilation like 15 years after they are making a new take on it but with a lot of cool extra stuff. The game is called Planetary Annihilation and its going to be awesome I think. It raised 2.2 million dollars on Kickstarter and it was well worth every penny because it was one of the forgotten games of history because of the popularity of command and conquer and starcraft both of which I played too but TA was one of the first 2 games I ever played (with Fallout1).

All of the Valve games on Linux. Pretty self explanatory, Dota2, CS:GO, L4D2 and Portal1/2 all of which ive played before but I love all of them and since my windows partition is gone now I have to wait to play some of them again. In particular CS:GO im not really a FPS guy but im a competitive guy and it just takes so much skill and the match making system makes it really fun at all levels. L4D2 is great too and I have cleared every level at the highest difficultly and its just hours and hours of fun.

Civitas is a competitor game to Sim City. It was recently put up on Kickstarter and subsequently pulled by the developer because they got private funding instead. The game itself looks like it is a lot more enjoyable than the new Sim City because it takes the best parts of Sim City 4 which was and still is an amazing game even if its very old now. I just hope they bring more modern elements like multiplayer and do it in a way that doesn't annoy the hell out of me.

I mentioned earlier that I played fallout1 back in the day and the makers of that game made a game before that called wasteland which I didn't play. I did see the kickstarter but I really wanted to see gameplay of the game before I would pay for it and im really excited now for it. Not really much to say other than that but it does look great and the gameplay looks very fun.

Have any other suggestions? In particular I can't wait for PA im an RTS guy im master league in SC2 and ive kinda been looking for a new challenge in a way just to have a break so PA seems like a good thing to switch to when it comes out.