Getting non-steam playonlinux games shortcuts in steam

So I was playing about and I found a cool trick that is great on Windows, so the idea is you can get the Steam chat...etc the stuff that you have in shift+tab in any game. So its easy to work if your game is native you just select the bin and it just works but Wine and playonlinux is different.

So first thing you have to do is have the game installed. If you haven't that done go do that now. So either use playonlinux or Wine either will do. I used playonlinux because its easier.

(this bit is for playonlinux specifically but its not hard)
So now you create a shortcut with the shortcut button.

Now go to your desktop and you should see the shortcut you just created. Right click it and select properties. Now you should see beside command the path to playonlinux and something like "--run "StarCraft II Wings of Liberty"". Copy that bit.

(this bit is for everyone)
Now open up Steam and go to library. Click "add a game" in the bottom left corner and select "add a non steam game".

Select the box beside Wine or playonlinux which ever you are using and then click "add selected programs".

Now find the entry in Steam for playonlinux or wine in your library. Right click that and select properties.

Then you just put the name of the game on the top and then edit the "target" and paste the thing you copied eariler (make sure you put a space between the path to playonlinux and bit you paste)


For wine you do the same as above but you just put the path to the .exe of the game instead.

What the finished product should look like is the regular game but when you press shit+tab you get this.

And this is cool just because I thought it wouldn't work at all with wine but I figured it out. Anyway its just for chatting with friends when in game and stuff in non supported games so glhf :D