Thanks for visiting!! My name is Shane Fagan and I am pretty random with my background.

I am a Linux developer been around for about 8 years. I contributed from testing, trouble shooting user's issues, development and talking a load of crap on my blog for a few years. Now I pretty much stick to development and am currently working at Collabora as an associate software engineer.

Other than Linux I am a trained manager, software developer and data analyst. I have a pretty wide background with my college work. Buy me a beer and ill tell you some things :)

Aside from development I am a trained music manager, I bring some pretty interesting strategies for artists. If you are interested send me a message and I can have a chat. I specifically deal only in Dublin, Kildare and Kilkenny right now so if you are from somewhere else sorry about that.

I have a bit of background with esports so I would like to also offer management services for that also. Being a music manager I have some great training in representing talent and I know quite a bit about Dota2, CSGO and SC2 being a player of all 3 games to a good level. If you are a player or personality send me a message. I offer professional communications through social media, I am a tough negotiator and I work pretty hard to open up new forms of revenue. I charge only on things I directly work on so I'm not very expensive.

Interested in a chat?

If you want info ask away. I'll get back you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. After that we can arrange a no commitment appointment and chat about how I can help you.