I have been playing around a bit with ZeroMQ it’s an interesting piece of technology. I haven’t really seen much hype about it but I have been making some small little programs in python like a crap version of IRC that could be load balanced. The main thing I was thinking was you could use […]

How to play SC2 on Linux

I had some people talking with me earlier today about Linux so I thought I would spend some time on a nice walkthrough. There will be some command line things here, no real way around some of them but don’t be afraid it is just copypasta :) To start I would like to give some […]

Fresh blog and updated website

Hi I fairly regularly updated this blog over the years and I did some clean slates a few times. I’m going to try make this one the last time I fully remove everything. What’s going on right now? Well I have a few things going, I am currently in school at night for a higher […]