Thanks for visiting!! My name is Shane Fagan, my background is really all over the place, I have been listening to people sing since I was 10 years old listening to people do karaoke in bars with my father. I have heard good, bad and strange, entertaining and downright boring singers so I have loads of opinions to share. I learned some music theory, played guitar for 10 years and got a qualification in music management and I am currently working on a data analytics degree.

What can I do for you? Well I approach music from a more new media approach. I work on content creation for your promotion, make you a website, record some of your live work and do loads of really boring business stuff which managers also have to do. I can help with loads of things from the marketing side, interact with lawyers on your behalf, help you with organizational things like IMRO and the PPI and finally just giving you ideas on where to go.


Interested in a chat?

If you want info ask away. I'll get back you as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. After that we can arrange a no commitment appointment and chat about how I can help you.